Rodent Control

We offer a better Mouse Control  solutions for  rodent control by mouse proofing and keeping the mice out of your home or business. We will never use rat poison, rodenticides or any chemicals or pesticides in your home with out your permission. We can also trap in homes that have allergies to peanuts or other nuts  and will use other baits to trap rats and mice.

We get rid of squirrels in attics, squirrels in chimneys, squirrels in fireplaces, rats in walls, mice in kitchen pantries and any where you may find any rodent species in your home- rat, mouse, squirrel .

The house mouse is one those little pests that seem to be once you have house  mice you will always have more mice.

The average treatment plan for mouse control usually starts with either a homeowner buying a few mouse traps and trying do it your self mouse pest control. The problem with self mouse trapping is quickly realized that your home pantry or kitchen is a major attraction and the mice seem to keep coming for what now seems eternity .

The second most common method is to pick up the phone and call local pest control company that usually offer to put down a few traps and begin a rodenticide eradication program. These pesticides or poisons  can be hazardous to children, pets, and wildlife. In addition, animals that eat poisoned mice could be poisoned themselves. Poisoned rodents may die inside walls and sub floors where they cannot easily be removed. The slow decomposition of rodents (mice, rats, squirrels..) creates foul odors and attracts other pests, such as flies and beetles.

Given these risks, a safer and more environmentally sensitive strategy is to trap the mice that are already inside and prevent others from entering your home. Mouse-proofing your Bethesda MD home will put a dent in the large reproductive capacity of the house mouse–Since just one female can produce over 40 young each year. Mouse populations in your home can recover quickly, and mouse proofing makes a lot of sense since it is designed to not even allow most mice to ever enter your Bethesda MD home.

Mouse Proofing

We exclude mice from your Bethesda MD home. W seal all of the mouse points of entry from ground level. We inspect your entire home including your doors. Mice commonly enter houses through open doors. We properly install door sweeps and new weather-stripping.We inspect the garage doors, too. We remind customers never to leave a door propped open since mice are opportunists and often just slip into homes unnoticed.

We repair holes in walls and screens.We inspect and secure sinks, stoves, dishwashers. We seal all plumbing and appliance openings underneath. We seal gaps around water, gas, and heating pipes, heat registers, air ducts, electrical chases, and false ceilings.

We plug up larger gaps around pipes with sheet metal plates, galvanized metal “pipe-chase” covers, paper-backed glue boards, cement, plaster of paris, or mortar.

We inspect vents of sewer pipes, kitchen hoods, furnace ducts, clothes dryers, attic fans, and roofs. If vents are damaged or vulnerable, we replace them or screen them consider screening or replacing it. We inspect the end caps on ridge line vents; which often loosen, providing easy access to attics.

If you are looking for better mouse control call us to start closing up all those gaps, vents and such the mice are using to re-enter and re-infest your home over and over again.

Better Rodent Mice Control By Mouse Proofing

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Rodent Control Madison Mequon Milwaukee WI Better Mouse & rodent solutions for rodent control by mouse proofing keeping rats & mice out of your home


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