Wild Things Animal Damage Control LLC

When dead animals are the issue, we can remove the carcass then disinfect and deodorize the area like it was never there.  Our job is to return things back to normal with as little impact on your routine as possible.  Dead animal removal is a nasty job .  We do the job you don’t want to do removing a dead animal carcass either found dead in your yard like deer, fox, opossum, raccoon , armadillo etc.  If you call us we simply remove remove the dead animal.  We use infrared and other video observation scopes to assist us in finding the right location and not making a mess of your walls searching for a dead animal.  Sometime we do get lucky and with the assistance of IR can find a otherwise dead squirrel, raccoon, or even rat or mouse pups before they die from starvation from water and food and eventually die and stink up your home.  We love to save the young so please do not delay.  We always dispose of carcasses in a sanitary manner and respectful of any sensitivities and in accordance with local, parish and state laws. If you have a dead pet dog or cat we can help you remove, bury or transport your pet to its final resting place and or pet crematory.

Animal Damage Repair

Nobody knows more about preventing animal damage then a animal damage control “ADC” specialist.  We repair animal damage for a living and unlike your handyman or carpenter will give you a WRITTEN GUARANTEE.  We use our extensive knowledge of wildlife behavior & experience in working with nuisance wildlife to select the right materials and methods to finally put an end to your homes animal damage, bat guano, chewing on wires and cables, defecating and urinating all over your newly replaced attic insulation.  We can stop the raccoons from tearing up your lawn the skunks and armadillos from destroying your garden, plants and flower bulbs and stop the moles and pocket gophers from tunneling in your yard.  No matter we get rid of any critter or varmint please think of us FIRST; we are your ADC Experts.


Animal Damage Repair is a big part of the animal damage control work we do for our Customers. Common animal damage occurs because of faulty vents such as gable vents, ridge vents, dryer vents, kitchen stove vents, missing or damaged chimney caps, faulty construction, poor home maintenance, damaged soffit, damaged fascia, trees and branches touching the roof area of your home. The actual list is extensive on why you may have a animal removal, wildlife control or nuisance wildlife removal problem. We repair the damage, and back our work with a Guarantee that gives you piece of mind with Our Animal Protection Warranty to qualifying homes. Our animal Prevention program is our nuisance animal proofing program for raccoon proofing, squirrel proofing, flying squirrel proofing , rodent proofing and bat proofing qualifying homes only.

Attic Cleanup

We cleanup soiled fecal, guano and droppings inside of attics, sanitization, disinfection, deodorization, and animal proofing or exclusion work to keep your wildlife problem from recurring again, be it a colony of bats in a warehouse, raccoons in the attic, or quickly putting an end to the destructive behaviors of critters such as squirrels, gophers, ground squirrels, and pigeons.

Bat Removal

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