Wild Things Animal Damage Control LLC

Animal Removal 

Wild Things Animal Damage Control LLC is a full service wildlife and pest control company servicing southeast Wisconsin.

We are fully insured, certified, qualified, and experienced to handle all wildlife situations.

We work with area homeowners, business owners, and landlords to solve Wisconsin animal and pest control problems.



Wildlife Removal

We trap and remove problem wild animals, we do a lot of other dirty work that few other companies would even do including dead animal removal, pigeon poop or pigeon dropping cleanup, bat guano removal, mouse droppings, decontamination, animal damage repairs, below ground rodent fencing, and odor control for skunk spray.

We get rid of problem critters such as beaver, coyote, fox , muskrat, opossum, otter, raccoon, skunk , squirrel, skunk or other nuisance varmint . We get rid of squirrels in attics, and beavers in ponds, raccoons grubbing in your lawn and skunks from stinking up the family dog. We are full service nuisance wildlife control company that offers professional services such as dead animal removal, fecal removal, skunk odor removal, and animal damage control and animal damage repairs to include raccoon and squirrel proofing most homes!

Most pest control companies lack the experience in finding the cause of your nuisance bat, bird or animal control problem. They don’t see the tell tale signs that we look for when we first pull up and see your home for the first time. Some of the big clues they often miss are as simple as missing soffit and fascia, branches, or a fence or trellis that allow access to nuisance critters which tells us you have a ready built highway into your home. We inspect all vents, around all dormers, ingress and egress of all pipes, cables and electrical wiring leading into your home.  Sometimes a new wildlife problem can be caused by a poor installation by a technician in another trade.  If a raccoon can get their hands under a poorly installed vent or eaves; they can grab it and either bend it or remove it and can create a future nest or colony location for bats, birds, raccoons, pigeons, rats, mice opossums etc.


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Dead Animal Removal

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